Smell the roses


Ella was seven weeks old yesterday. I truly can’t believe it. On one hand, the day she was born seems such a distant memory and I can hardly remember my life before she came along. But on the other hand, seven weeks has just whizzed by and I’m already hating her growing up so fast. I’m suddenly beginning to understand the depth of that time-old advice of cherishing every little moment as before we know it, they’ll be walking and talking, off to nursery and then to school.

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Humble running


I started running again this weekend. I’m nearly at the six week mark, felt my body was ready and figured the hard part is getting started again so I just wanted to lace up those dusty running shoes and get out there. Besides, our border collie, B, has been so truly wonderful since Ella came along, not grumbling one bit at playing second fiddle to our new arrival nor at having lost the chance to run with me for a while now… so I was desperate to give her an injection of the running joy she knows and loves.

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The final stretch

cbbda2cf7f5ae23e471c1c48ed147526At the start of my pregnancy journey, nine months seemed such a long time… I seemed to be focusing more on nine months of restricting vino, coffee and other vices, slowing down my running and having to wear tents rather than tight tops more than anything else. But then baby fever strikes and you become totally engaged and fascinated by this little being inside you… desperate to nurture and protect her.

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Hanging up my running shoes

IMG_20140131_063622Since my last post, I’ve officially hung up my running shoes. It was a tough choice to make in some ways, because I knew whenever I stopped I’d be unable to start up again but I also just started to feel a little uncomfortable. The running itself was fine but the extra weight I’m carrying was a burden and Princess Plum’s bottom is sitting right on my bladder… this, combined with the impact of each step made me have to stop for a pee, literally every ten minutes. I’m sure the entire community in Durban’s Glenwood have spotted pregnant me and B, our beautiful collie, squat behind many a car!

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